Fashion Unfiltered: Why Don’t You…Wrap Your Feet in Hermès Scarves?

Every morning, Michael Tonello makes himself a cup of Earl Grey tea and goes online to scour the all corners of the Web for vintage Hermès scarves. But Tonello is not a collector—they are actually for his espadrille brand, Respoke, which repurposes vintage silk scarves (also from brands like Gucci, Pucci, and most recently Alexander McQueen) into luxury shoes, entirely handmade in Spain.

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Respoke in Japanese press

Respoke goes international. We have been reviewed by Cafe Globe, a Japanese fashion publication.   梅雨入りしたとたん、梅雨明けとそのあとにくる夏休みが待ち遠しくなります。 自分だけのエスパドリーユ 夏、快適に履けるエスパドリーユ。 明るい単色のものが定番ですが、大人の女性にぴったりのものを海外のインスタグラムで見つけました。 To see the whole post, visit the Cafe Globe article here.

Silk Serendipity (Part Deux)

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How to Behave on a Yacht

Receiving an invitation to go “yachting” can be one of summer’s highlights. Technically a “yacht” just means pleasure craft, one not used for commercial fishing or commercial shipping—so a 30-foot powerboat qualifies. For our purposes, however, we will define a yacht as a boat that requires the owner to have at least one paid crew …