Provincetown Painter Kathy Cotter Celebrates Respoke Espadrilles

"Respoke" by Kathy Cotter
“Respoke” by Kathy Cotter

After mounting a phenomenally successful show (no fewer than 20 of the 25 paintings on view had “red dots” – indicating SOLD) “Seeing the Light,” an exhibition of Kathy Cotter‘s Lighthouse paintings (two of which are below), one would think that Ms Cotter would take some time and lie by the pool with an icy cold beverage and soak up some rays….especially with the last scraps of summer sunshine being upon us.

But no. Cotter immediately took to her studio and, drawing inspiration from the Respoke Instagram feed and the local foot traffic in Provincetown (we presume), she then surprised us with a gift that left us speechless.

Kathy Cotter Biography
The particular beauty, setting and character of the outer cape has informed her aesthetic and has been a basis for her painting style and interpretation of subject. Cotter has developed a vibrant and personal take on the marriage of encaustic painting, collaged elements, and traditional oil technique. She has had gallery representation since 2007 and been a part of many group and juried shows. Her works are in private collections throughout the US and beyond.

Kathy Cotter and Respoke
Provincetown has long been a stronghold for artists of every stripe.  And once you see the place it is easy to understand how anyone working in the visual arts would find their sensibilities provoked by its windswept dunes and long ocean and sky views.  And apparently there is something pretty special about the light there too…. that’s the feedback I have gotten, anyway. As someone who prefers other creative endeavors, (a nice way of saying I struggle with stick figures)  I may not totally understand what makes the light so special…. but I CAN attest to the fact that a remarkable array of people arrive every summer looking for inspiration, and that many of them end up staying there much longer than planned.  Part of any visit I make to my old stomping grounds includes an afternoon spent wandering the many art galleries dotting the streets. To me, and to many others, this abundance of  talent is one of the most special aspects of this tiny beach community.

So thrilled and honored doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel about Respoke’s shared venture with one of Ptown’s incredibly talented artists, Kathy Cotter. She has spent the last decade painting works that capture the outer Cape in ways both abstract and concrete.  Her newest series “Seeing the Light,” an exploration of lighthouses, had a hugely successful showing (20 of 25 paintings went almost immediately) and although one might expect her to rest comfortably on this latest success, she instead decided to approach little old us about painting a series featuring our espadrilles. Her first rendering of Respoke espadrilles (see below) has the some color and creativity she has brought to all of her work.  I can’t wait to see how our partnership evolves….but even more than that, I can’t wait to see the paintings! Stay tuned…


"Summer Light" by Kathy Cotter
“Summer Light” by Kathy Cotter
"Cape Light" by Kathy Cotter
“Cape Light” by Kathy Cotter