"Sailing by Edgartown Light" Collage - 24x18 Framed

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"Sailing by Edgartown Light"
Chris Bartick X Respoke "Final Destination" Series
24x18" canvas. 26x20" overall. Framed.
Acrylic, Hermes scarves

By painter, designer, and Respoke co-founder, Chris Bartick 

The designer scarf begins as a piece of hand made art­­ which then gets transposed onto a limited number of luxurious wearable fabrics. Respoke was founded in a quest to turn the most special scarves into re-imagined, up-cycled and fresh footwear. While Respoke makes every effort to use all of the scarf fabric during shoe production, there are inherently remnants. When a pair of very well loved Respokes are ready for retirement, there is also an opportunity to recover remnant fabric. The scarf pieces collected from original production and retired footwear are opportunistically sent on to their Final Destination—collage works with layers of acrylic paint, decoupage, and gloss fixative.