Summer Is Behind Us, But So Much More Ahead...

Respoke Espadrilles take a beach ride Respoke Espadrilles take a beach ride
As a native New Englander, I was expected to be hardy. I realized pretty early that wasn’t the case, but it still took me awhile to realize that I had options other than suffering through six months a year of cold weather. I left for the west coast in my twenties...although San Francisco was hardly a perfect climate at least I didn’t need to scrape ice off my windshield. However, the best decision of my life was moving to Barcelona. Although not exactly perpetual summer, there was no season that required much over a sweater. Sandals were year-round….worst case scenario, you might wear sandals with socks. I remember realizing that espadrilles were invented in Spain because they were literally perfect for the climate. Little did I know then that I would take such a personal interest in that ubiquitous footwear, nearly twenty years after I bought my first pair.
Book Signing at Serenella Book Signing at Serenella
The reason I mention all this is because I felt strongly the weather had to be warm for the launch of Respoke. And based on the summer season we just had, my instincts were good. In May, Bergdorf Goodman picked up the line. Followed by Serenella in June. Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP brought us into the fold in July. I couldn’t have invented anything so fantastic in terms of reception and enthusiasm. Apparently, I’m not the only one in love with espadrilles. But seeing photos of people wearing Respoke on beaches, boats, boardwalks over the last few months has been the best part. Knowing that feeling of summer and sunshine has reached so many people in just a few months is inspiring. The entire team at Respoke is excited for our next chapter. I hope you are here to read it with me.