Koibird London X Respoke

Fun and fresh in retail is difficult to come by, but we think there's something special across the great Koi pond ... in London. Koibird is a new innovative concept store born out of the desire to capture the exoticism of travel in a retail experience and this season's theme includes Respoke!

"I started Koibird out of the desire to provide women an outlet for the excitement they all have ahead of travel, and a one stop shop for all their travel shopping needs. It is a concept fully related to travel and the edit is specifically designed around a particular destination. This time the beach, next time the mountains, and many more exciting destinations." – Belma Gaudio, Founder

Every season the store gets a total refresh of decor and overall theme curation. The Spring/Summer theme is "Kalifornia" focusing on bold beachy vibes. If you are in London, you have to check out this gem!