Who Designed the Hermès Logo?

While Hermès remains a family owned company, its first non-descendent director of the illustrious company was Robert Dumas-Hermès after the death of Emile-Maurice Hermes. Robert was Thierry Hermès’s son-in-law, and added Hermès name to his own by way of his wife, Jacqueline Hermès. Robert’s time at the front of the house proved to be critical to the heritage of Hermès as it was in his early years that he created the now ubiquitous horse and carriage logo, and continued to expand the houses many departments, including handbags and leather goods.

We still see the Hermès logo today on their products and depending on we cut each scarf, it can be revealed on our espadrilles and other products. A good example of a Respoke espadrille with the Hermès logo is Alma.

sources: https://www.rebag.com/magazine/hermes-101-history-legendary-house